Gunslinger on the run. Seeking redemption.


Eksyer is about 5’9" with a lithe build that is well toned though he often wears loose clothing including long jackets, face masks and hats which hide his physique. He has emerald eyes and auburn hair that is cut short and slicked back. He has no facial hair.

[Stats to be added later]


Eskyer comes from a dimension that is overseen by a race of psionic beings calling themselves the “Prophets.” The Prophets maintain an extensive library of information, everything from history to personal information on the subjects within their vast empire, to predict outcomes, manipulate probability and otherwise control the flow of time and history.

In Eskyer’s dimension, Humans were slaves to other races as they are considered “lesser” beings by the Prophets (who have selected certain races as superior races). In truth, it is because Humans are notoriously unpredictable and cunning which makes them hard to control and predict, thus keeping them in shackles reduces their influence and opportunities to rebel. The Quindorra are treated similarly, being seen as “cousins” of Humans and therefore looked down on just the same.

In Eskyer’s time, the empire had just been overthrown by rebellious elements and the realm was in a state of flux and turmoil as various powers had begun fighting in the vacuum and the once united rebellious elements turned on each other to establish a new power in their own image. Eskyer was a mercenary for hire with little personal interest in who came to power as long as they paid him and weren’t planning on enslaving him or his people again.

Having made enemies in many places, it was only a matter of time before he was betrayed by an employer and arrested by one of the major players in the power struggle. He was being escorted to meet with a representative of this group when the transport came under attack. Somewhere in the middle of the fighting, a large rift tore through the area. Eskyer has no idea who, if anyone, fell through the rift with him. What he does know is that he awoke in a strange place and would need to get his bearings if he wanted to survive.


Savage Rifts: North America 110 PA Valadeus